Covid - 19 Testing

What is COVID-19 PCR Test?

It is a test that is used to directly screen for the presence of viral RNA of COVID-19 virus.
COVID-19 PCR test will detect the viral RNA in the body before antibodies are formed or even symptoms of the
disease are present. This means that this test can show if someone has the virus in very early cases.

How the COVID19 PCR test is performed?

A nasopharyngeal sample will be collected from the patient and sent to NoorDX Laboratory for PCR
test. Substances known as reverse transcriptase or DNA polymerase are added to the
nasopharyngeal sample in the laboratory. These substances work to make numerous copies of any
viral RNA that may be present. Thus, enough copies of the RNA are present to signal a positive result,
as specifically designed primers and probes attach themselves

• Routine COVID-19 PCR test for travelers. (24 hours)
• Urgent COVID-19 PCR test for travelers. (5 hours)
• Routine COVID-19 PCR test for contact tracing. (24 Hours)

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